Powder Room Reveal

by Farah Merhi
September 02, 2019


You know that one room in your home you keep working on, retouching, redesigning but never feeling like you achieved the look you were ultimately going for? Key in my guest powder room. I have two powder rooms in my home. One off the mudroom which is for my kids and the one I am talking about which is dedicated for my guests. Basically for adult use only . I have worked on designing this powder room about 2 times total before finally feeling like the project is complete! This powder room was originally covered in forest themed wallpaper. Can I say I just hated the wallpaper selection? For lack of better words, it just was ugly. The first time around, I removed all the wallpaper myself and painted metallic gold and brown stripes all around the walls. Lesson to take away from that was never attempt painting a bathroom alone. Working around the toilet seat and vanity was a nightmare! The second time around, I added a wallpaper which I loved and changed out the vanity. The problem was that I felt it was not making the impact I wanted it to make. It looked great but still missing something. So I embarked on a mission to completely remodel this room and committed myself to making sure this would be the last time I would design this room. I took a step back to really evaluate how I wanted to make the impact I was going for. sometimes it’s important to breath and try to understand all the ideas going through your head.

Three important things to keep in mind when tackling a project:

  1. Color Pallet
  2. How I would make a bold Statement
  3. Allocate a budget

I decided on black and brass (gold) as the color pallet. I believe you can go completely crazy in a powder room and get away with it. I never in a million years thought I would use black textured wallpaper covering all the walls in a room! But that would be my bold statement in this room. I wanted to do something I definitely could not in any other room in my home and boy did it pay off! This beautiful hand painted wall paper by Vahallan was exactly what I needed to bring my vision to life. Texture filled with glitter and glam!



Next I had to remove our old toilet seat and replace it with a new one. Our old one was a cheap piece that our builder put in and it was ready to retire. The moment my eyes saw this piece by Kohler I knew I had to have it. The  gold detailing on it made for such a unique piece that elevated the look of this room. This is when I say it’s all in the details… yes even if its details on a toilet lol.



My biggest question mark was my vanity… how do I make my vanity stand out from the typical basic vanities? Because I searched high and low looking for pre made vanities and couldn’t find ANYTHING that would 1. compliment the details in this room and 2. make for a powerful focal point. Let’s be honest, the vanity is usually where our eyes go when going into a bathroom. So I decided to design my own. I found this gorgeously detailed dresser at HomeGoods and had my handy man transform it into a vanity for me. I took out the old knobs and put textured new ones from Hobby Lobby. I then ordered a marble counter top. I chose this gorgeous piece because of the gold splatter within the marble which would tone down the black and tie in the gold. Since I have wallpaper on the walls, it’s important that I had a backsplash to protect water from spraying on the wallpaper.



I knew I wanted a vessel sink for sure… this piece from Kohler was the perfect color with the perfect shape and completely brought my vision to life! The debate in my head was faucet on the vanity or coming out of the wall. I had a talk with our plumber and he informed me that extending the plumbing through the wall and having my faucet stick out was doable and wouldn’t require too much work. So with that in mind I chose to go that rout. I have to say, the brass hardware (faucet, towel holder and toilet paper holder really stands out against the black and makes such a bold statement I couldn’t stop staring!



Let’s talk about the sconces for a second… before I even had a mirror to work with, I knew these were going to be the sconces for this powder room! I have seen them in master bathrooms before and the moment I found them on Lamps Plus’s page, I knew they were the ones I had to add in here. The problem is that they only came in silver and they were oversized but I didn’t want to pass them up! I believe if you love something so much you will make it work! So I spray painted the metal piece where all the crystal strands hang from with a metallic gold spray paint from Hobby Lobby. To work around the width of these pieces I had to find a pretty narrow mirror. Challenge accepted! Don’t let obstacles like these discourage you, instead get creative and see how you can make it work somehow.



Finding a mirror was tricky… it had to be narrow enough to fit in-between the sconces yet still not too narrow for people to see their reflection. I found this beautiful piece from Home Goods and had my handy man trim off part of the top corners to fit the mirror in between the sconces. Initially I was going to paint the mirror gold but the moment it went up on the wall I knew I had to leave it in natural wood! It tied in the natural wood in the vanity and totally toned down the wall paper to create a balance.

Now with all the details, I am walking a fine line between the right amount of detail and over doing it. Do I add anything else on the wall or leave as is? I decided to go with two oversized floral wall decor on the opposite wall that was empty. Bold enough that it adds to the design without making it feel overwhelming.



Shades from Drawn Company were ordered and the ladies did an amazing job bringing my vision to life with this piece!



Last but not least, styling my vanity was all I had left to do. To add a pop of color I went with fuchsia faux florals in a gold vase. I found these elegant looking soap and lotion dispensers from Home Goods and provided my guests with lotion to moisturize when they are done washing their hands.



I went with simple, elegant towels that also had intricate metallic details on them. The goal of a powder room is to make your guests feel pampered.



I hope you love the details as much as I do! I am so happy to report that I truly feel like my powder room is complete! No really! It’s done! Let me know your thoughts! I love reading your feedback!

Warm Hugs, 

Farah Merhi


Fatima Akbari

Fatima Akbari said:

Hi can u please tell me which wall paper that is?

Fatima Akbari

Fatima Akbari said:

Hi can u please tell me which wall paper that is?


Teresa said:

It turned out stunning all of it matches so perfect!! Great Job!!


Jame said:

I live the sink, faucet, floral wall decor, and the lighting fixture. Great details for that room that I want to steal!

Victoria Hill

Victoria Hill said:

Hi! This is absolutely stunning! I’ve searched all over kohler’s site for this artist edition toilet, to no avail. Can you please share the name of this toilet please?


Lana said:

Can u pls tell me where can I purchase the wasll paper , mirror and the wall
Thank u so much

Ghaidaa Anees

Ghaidaa Anees said:

Hi can u please tell me where can I purchase the wall paper ,mirror and sink.


Sosan said:

Hi, I love the wallpaper. Do you have a line?


Kelley said:

Farah~. I just found your page, I’m so
excited and very thankful!🌸

Where can I find that stunning
Wallpaper, PLEASE SHARE!
Thank you!

Diksha Anand

Diksha Anand said:

Hey can you please let me which wallpaper is that?
Thank you


Anne said:

Can u pleae tell me what wallpaper that is

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