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USA Made Anti-Microbial Face Mask- Black


These masks are antimicrobial. They have been woven with silver ion in the fabric. It was lab tested and killed 99% of the bacteria it was exposed too.

The manufacturer was able to put over 500 employees back to work here in the USA by producing the fabric and assembling the mask all here in America. We are proud to support them.

The fabric is quick dry so it doesn’t absorb moisture and sweat like other fabric.

Also because it’s a green product its forever chemical free so you know you’re not putting a bunch of unregulated chemicals over your face. It’s 100% recyclable as well.

It’s a thicker more tightly woven fabric so it only needs to be one ply making it so much more breathable. Making it much easier to wear.

The wires nose bridge also helps to better seal around your face.

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