Rectangular Reversible Bath Rug (3 Colors, 3 Sizes)

Color: White
Size: 21x34"
Sale price$62.15


Dimensions: 1 Bath Rug: 21"W x 34"L, 1 Bath Rug: 24"W x 40"L, 1 Bath Rug: 24"W x 72"L

Materials:  67% Cotton, 33% Viscose - Pile yarn, Piece Dyed Reversible Bathmat, 220 GSF

Description: Indulge in true luxury with the Rectangular Reversible Bath Rug. Created with a sumptuous blend of cotton and viscose fabric, it offers a soft and velvety texture with a gentle luster, reminiscent of cashmere. Its design includes both a traditional soft-cut pile that resists tangling and a contemporary loop pile, giving you the ultimate choice in both comfort and style for your space. Available in 3 colors and 3 sizes and each is sold separately. A non-slip mat is recommended to prevent the bath rug from moving

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