Antique Mirror Patterned Bath Collection (7 items)-Inspire Me! Home Decor

Antique Mirror Patterned Bath Collection (7 items)


Lotion Dispenser: 2.99"L x 2.99"W x 7.80"H
Tumbler: 2.99" L x 2.99"W x 4.06"H
Toothbrush Holder: 2.99" L x 2.99"W x 3.98"H
Soap Dish: 6.02"L x 4.45"W x 1.57"H
Tray: 12.01"L x 5.98"W x 1.5"H
Cotton Jar: 3.7"L x 3.7"W x 5.59"H
Tissue Box Holder: 5.71"L x 5.71"W x 6.02"H

Material: Resin with vintage mirror glass.

Description: This beautiful bath collection will bring vintage glamour into your home! The beautiful marble printed panels are accented with a beautiful metallic finish to create a unique and elegant look! This collection includes a toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, tumbler, soap dish, cotton ball jar, tissue box cover, and a tray. Each piece is sold separately.

*Please note: Each piece is sold individually, NOT as a set.

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