Large Utensils Wall Decor (2 Colors)


Gold: 4.90L x 0.65W x 32.70H, 5.95L x 1.15W x 32.50H, 7.45L x 2.60W x 32.80H
Silver: 4.15L x 0.85W x 22.65H, 3.45L x 1.35W x 22.65H, 6.20L x 1.90W x 22.60H

Material: Metal

Description: This traditional style wall decor set is made from solid aluminum materials with a textured and polished finish in metallic finishes. These kitchen cutlery wall decorations feature aluminum-sculpted designs of a spoon, a bread knife, and a fork.

Available in Gold and Silver and each is priced separately. Wipe clean with a dry cloth.

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