Looking back at 2017

This year has flown by so fast. Too fast in my opinion. Between growing my brand, personal growth, being a mom and a wife, I can say I am proud of myself for making it through on 5-6 hours of sleep every day. I guess you can say when adrenaline hits, its amazing what that little boost will do for you. Honestly though? I wouldn’t want it any other way. You see, before things got busy for me about 2 years ago, I was spending my times with such a minimal schedule that gave me way too much time on my hands which caused me a lot of depression. I have always been a person who needed to be productive in some way or another, and most importantly doing something for ME which makes me feel independent. My husband is the most amazing man and never once made me feel like I needed to do anything to bring in income into our household. This is a feeling within me and me only. I believe a woman should feel empowered and go out and do something that makes her happy, fulfills her passion and gives her a feeling of independence. IF that is being a stay at home mom then so be it! I have friends who truly feel fulfilled being stay at home moms who can cater to their family's needs and that in itself is so heart warming to see. You do you and if you wake up in the morning with a smile on your face, ready to tackle the day then you know your doing it.

Sorry, I went off track here a bit (lol). Back in 2016 I had set goals for myself… Where I see myself taking Inspire Me! Home Decor in 2017. I made mental notes, spoke with my team to put everyone on board and off we went. This year I decided to write down my goals in my notebook so I can look at them end of 2018 to see how far I have come. I wish I had done this last year but writing them down almost solidifies your goals and makes you want to hit those goals so you can have the satisfaction of crossing them off your list.

This year my dream ultimately came true when I was able to start designing my own products. To be able to partner with QVC, Nourison, Tempaper (a few more coming which I will share about soon) has solidified the idea that if you truly believe, it will happen. Ever since I was a child I remember drawing things in my notebook of pieces that I would have loved to include in my bedroom that would be unique to me. It was a fun past time and I really never thought twice about it. It’s amazing how life comes back in full circle. I just wish I still had those drawings to look at.

I personally love the idea of having unique pieces in a home that really stands out. Most importantly I believe that it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to be able to do that. That was the focus of my brand this year and will continue to be the focus.

One of my biggest achievements is to launch my subscription service. Monthly home decor subscription boxes was an idea that came to me after getting so many messages from you telling me that you needed help putting decor pieces together. I kept telling myself that I wished I could reach out and help each and every single one of you but still had to find a solution that would help. So I came up with a monthly subscription box with hand selected pieces by me mailed straight to your home each month. This was a project my team and I worked so hard to launch with lots of ups, downs, falling flat on our faces, picking ourselves back up and plowing through. Literally. Who said start up businesses are easy?? But that’s how you value your successes right? We are not free of learning experiences either… we are still learning as we go. We are fully committed as we have seen the response so far which pushes us even harder.

Looking back at 2017, what I cherish most is being able to connect with you all. Although I did have Inspire Me! Home Decor for so long, it was so hard for me to make the decision to make my personal page public because I am a private person. But I knew that I had to open up my page so that I could allow for the opportunity to engage with you all on a more personal level so you can learn about the person behind IMHD. It was and still is such a humbling experience for me to be able to talk to you directly and read all your uplifting messages and comments. Thank you so much for seeing me as a sister or friend and supporting me throughout this journey. I know I say it a lot and you’re probably sick of me saying it but I don’t think I can thank you enough so I will keep saying it :)

Looking forward, 2018 has so much potential and so many projects we are working on. I can’t see myself going through that journey without you by my side, without the support of my loved ones. My philosophy in life is: aim high, expect low and be grateful for what you get out of it. So 2018, here I come, in full force, completely driven and inspired!

Warm Hugs,

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